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Class Name: 7-8 Gaming Concepts I (Video Game Foundations)
Teacher: John Genell
Location: 130
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Due: Jun 17


You can create a game of your choice using Game Maker 8 or TheGameFactory2.  It cannot be a game that we already made (you can't do Eating on the Run with vegetables or balls.)  Use your experience in playing games.  It does not have to be Grand Theft Auto.  Stay within what you have learned.

  1. A short paper describing your game.
  2. The game itself

Due: Jun 14


1.      Create a “Sounds” folder on your flash drive or on your desktop.

2.      Download “marine-corps-hymn” from this page and move it into your “Sounds” folder.  Notice the file type is a MIDI.  The Games Factory 2 can read wave(WAV), mod(MOD), or MIDI (MID) sound file types.  All other sound file types, such as MP3, must be converted using a program like Audacity.  Wave files are often small sound samples, like a balloon pop, while MIDI files are often larger files, like songs or part of songs.

3.      Go to #18 on page 206 in your Foundations book.  DO NOT use PowerPoint to locate sounds.  You should use Sound Bible or any other free sound website that you know.  Follow the last sentence in #18 “Paste the files in the “Sounds” folder on your desktop or flash drive and rename each as indicated in the chart at the bottom of page 206.  NOTE:  Search Sound Bible for "Civil War Drummer " to use instead of Military parade 3 on page 206

4.      Download ch06_wwiidefensedemo.mfa from the this page and save it in your Sounds folder as YourLastName_WWII_Defense_Game.  Click on the Title Frame and go to Frame Editor.  INSERT YOUR NAME IN THE TOP LEFT ON TOP OF THE G-W PUBLISHING LOGO using Static Text.

5.      Continue with #21 on page 207 and complete through Tuning on page 210.  Make sure you have sounds on BOTH levels>

6.      Answer the five questions on page 210.

7.      Send your game AND your answered questions to jpgenell@cps.edu .


Due: Jun 7
IB Criteria C-Creating


Activity 6-3--Balloon Pop

The Really Cool Game Company has completed market research and identified a group of potential customer.  These customers want a shooter-type game, but one that is not violent.  You job is to design a fully functional game for this market.  The audience has been identified as ages 4 to 14.  You will create a PC version that the company will later port as an application for the handheld devices market. 

60-69 for doing all of the steps 1 - 183 AND Debugging on page 232 (Three levels.  Score and counters working properly, buttons working, etc)
70-79 for doing above AND DEBUGGING page 232
80-89 for doing above AND GOING BEYOND on page 232.
90 + for adding music(your choice--should be appropriate for the target audience) on the Instruction slide sounds for 1: shooting the dart and 2: popping the balloon.  

  • Before step 122, while adding the LOSER frame, add the HIGH SCORE FRAME
  • The expressions you add reads  *50 , which means Multiply times 50.
  • If you can't drag use copy and paste.

Due: May 31

IB Criteria: D--Reflect

Chapter 5 Collision Theory Logic

REFLECTION of The Game of Craps (25 points)


Reflection: Explain if your design (plan) worked. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the game and your performance. Explain how it could be improved. Explain what you would do differently.

Use the standard paper format.

Due: May 30

IB Criteria:C--Create

Chapter 5 Collision Theory Logic

CREATING The Game of Craps Using TheGameFactory2 (25 points)


Create: You will increase your score if you include a log of creating your game from the plan. What worked, what did not work. Include changes to the plan that you make along the way and why you made those changes.

The Game is to be uploaded to the folder sent to you for The Game of Craps.  You also can submit a 1 to 2 page document of creating the game:  what worked from your plan, what did not work.  What problems did you face and how did you get past them. (This is different than a reflection)

Use the standard heading for the paper.


Due: May 22

IB Criteria: B--Plan

Chapter 5 Collision Theory Logic

PLAN for The Game of Craps (25 points)


You are going to create a game of "Craps" using The Games Factory 2. This project will be 4 separate grades, all summative.  This is the second of the four assignments.

Planning: You should describe your plan to create your game BEFORE you create it. The planning section should include

  1. an explanation of your plan, why you chose this way, and
  2. flowchart(s) of your plan.
  3. You should also have a hand drawn diagram of your screen.

This should be about 3 pages:  One for your written plan, one for your flowchart, and one for your screen(s)

Due: May 20
IB Criteria: A--Investigate

Chapter 5 Collision Theory Logic

INVESTIGATION of The Game of Craps (25 Points)


You are going to create a game of "Craps" using The Games Factory 2. This project will be 4 separate grades, all summative.  You will investigate, plan, create, and reflect. This is the first of the four assignments 

  1. You should explain what you are doing and why.
  2. Include a brief history of the the game
  3. The most important part of the investigation are the complete rules (You will need the rules to create your game in The Games Factory 2).  Do not use BETTING for your game.  You can mention it, but I am only interested in how the game is technically played.

The paper should be 1 1/2 to 3 pages.  Use the standard format (attached).  This paper is due at the end of class.


Due: May 17
B Criteria:  C--Creating, D--Reflecting

Dice Game

Activity 5-7 Gamescape Design and Dimensions

The Really Cool Game Company is making an educational game series.  Part of that series focuses on math.  You have been tasked to create a program that will roll dice for a game called Probability Pair-a-Dice.The concept of this game is to use dice as a random-number generator.  The initial prototype requirements state that the player will win if the dice total is greater than seven.

The instructions begin on Page 183 of the Software Design Guide. STOP AFTER STEP 98.
  1. You can  stop at step 98 on page 192
  3. You must have an ESC key programmed to end the application
  4. You do not need a Pause key


Due: May 13
IB Criteria:  B--Planning, C--Creating,  SEE NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ASSIGNMENT


Activity 5-5 Gamescape Design and Dimensions

You will use Microsoft Paint for part of this activity.

Begin Activity 5-5 in the Software Design Guide page 171.  Do steps 1 through 19 to create a road.  Once you create the road, Use one or two pieces of paper and draw the road as you have created it in Paint.  You will use this plan to actually build your game.  When your game is finished it should resemble your plan.

Your company is designing a racing game.  The game scrolls top-to-bottom to achieve the objective finish line.  Your team is required to produce the background frame as part of the process.  The background frame is 3500 pixels high by 600 pixels wide.

In the sections "Setting the Course" page 178 #55, use your PLAN to create the course.  Don't forget to make objects obstacles.

NOTE:  This assignment tells you to find "Military" file in your library.  IT IS NOT THERE.  You have to download the Military file from this homework page. 

  • Download Military from this website
  • Save it to your flash drive or desk top (if you use your desk top, you will have to download the Military file whenever you need something from it).  
  • Complete through step 34, on TGF2, 
  • Then click File > Open > navigate to where the Military file is located and open it. 
  • In your workspace toolbar under your game you will see Library > Military.  
  • If you DO NOT see Military, click the plus sign next to Library the the plus sign next to Military and all of the objects you need are listed
  • Drag them from the workspace tool bar into your game frame editor
The above will allow a score up to 80.

To get a 81 to 90:
  • You must complete the first six bullets on page 179-80
To get an > 91:
  •  You must complete the second 5 bullets on page 180.

Due: May 8
IB Criteria:  C--Creating, D--Reflection

Activity 5-3:  "Eating on the Run"

Create the game "Eating on the Run."  It starts are page 147 of the Software Design Guide.


**** TO SCORE > 89****

Add your own element to the game.  
  • It must fall from the plane. 
  • It can be another fruit, but not another ball that causes the player to lose a life. 
  • It could be an object that adds a life.  
  • The timing should be appropriate (For example, if you add a life, the object should fall sparingly.  If you add a low value fruit, it should fall faster)


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