Morgan Park High School

Library Media Center


Kandice D. Morgan, MLS

Library Media Specialist

Hours of Operation     

7:30 a.m.—2:45 p.m.


MPHS Library Media Center Policies & Procedures

Students are welcome in the library media center (LMC) during their lunch hour or with a pass from a teacher.

In addition to all of the MPHS rules, please adhere to the following:

General Policies & Procedures:
  • Enter and exit the front door only
  • Submit school ID/schedule and sign in at the LMC desk, daily. (40 students maximum each period)
  • Obtain a lunch pass when exiting the lunchroom
  • Return lunch passes each day, otherwise a late fee will be charged per day
  • Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the LMC
  • Phone and FaceTime conversations are not allowed in the LMC
  • Card games are not allowed in the LMC
  • LMC outlets and computers are not to be used to charge cell phones
  • Respect the LMC as a place for quiet study and research
  • Refrain from rearranging chairs/tables
  • Push in chairs and place all trash in the garbage cans
  • After the first 25 minutes, students must remain in the LMC for the duration of the period, unless they have a valid pass

Computer Usage Policy:
  • Computers are for academic purposes, research and word processing only
  • Computers may not be used for internet surfing, games and/or movies
  • Printing and copying services are available tot students for $.10 per page and can be charged to student accounts

Book Circulation Policy:
  • Books are loaned for 2 week periods (renewals available)
  • Fines for late books are $.10 per day