Rules & Procedures


All school rules apply at all times to the school building and grounds, including all school sponsored activities, and in all other places where students are in the official charge of MPHS staff. Consideration for others will guide personal conduct. The rights, privileges, dignity, and safety of other people will serve as criteria by which appropriate personal behavior will be evaluated so too will acts which place the individual in present or future danger. If behavior fails this test of propriety or is in violation of the law, it shall not be condoned at Morgan Park.

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All students are expected to dress appropriately for school. In keeping with this requirement the following dress code will be enforced:
  1. All clothing must meet the following criteria:
    • All skirts, shorts, and dresses should be fingertip length all the way around.
    • Shirts and tops must cover chest and midriff areas. Tank, tube, spaghetti strap, cropped midriff, cutout, one sleeve, see through tops, and shirts that fall off the shoulders are not permitted.
    • Students who wear ripped jeans must have leggings on underneath and the rips should show minimal skin.
    • Leggings do not stand alone as pants; students must have a dress or skirt (fingertip length) over the leggings.
    • Students must wear their pants at waist level.
    • Shirts should not have any vulgar messages or display inappropriate symbols.
    • Pajama-like clothing and house slippers are not allowed.
    • I.D.s must be worn at all times.
  2. Any clothing interpreted as symbolic of a gang or gang activity is not permitted.
  3. No headgear, including headbands, headscarves, and "Beanies," may be worn by males or females in the school building. (Religious exceptions to this rule must be on file in the Deans’ Office.) Failure to comply will result in confiscation of headgear.
  4. The wearing of sunglasses is not permitted unless a medical exception is on file. Students in violation of these dress code requirements will be asked to change clothes. If they continue to come to school dressed inappropriately, they may be disciplined resulting in ISS (In School Suspension). Final authority for interpretation of dress code requirements will rest with the Deans’ Office.


Students are responsible for all books issued to them and must pay for damaged or lost books. Each textbook will have a barcode. If that barcode is damaged, tampered with, or removed students may have to pay a $5 fee. It is the student’s responsibility to return books to the classroom teachers and to retrieve the green book cards as a receipt of return. At the end of each school year, book cards for non returned or damaged books will be attached to the student’s permanent record file and a debt for the book(s) will be entered in the student’s record. Exclusion from activities may occur due to failure to pay lost book fees.

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Consideration for others must guide personal conduct. The rights, privileges, dignity, and safety of other people will serve as criteria by which appropriate personal behavior will be evaluated so too will acts which place the individual in present or future danger. If behavior fails this test of propriety or is in violation of the law, it shall not be condoned at Morgan Park.

All school rules apply at all times to the school building and grounds, all school sponsored activities, and in all other places where students are in the official charge of Morgan Park staff. However, under special circumstances such as school trips, sports or special events, the school may be limited in its enforcement of jurisdiction of school rules.

  1. All students are expected to be aware of and comply with all rules, regulations, and policies outlined in the Student Handbook and the Chicago Board of Education Student Code of Conduct.
  2. All students must wear a valid MPHS ID on a lanyard or chain or clipped to outer clothing above the waistline. The picture should be visible at all times.
  3. Students coming to school before 7:15 a.m. must go to the lunchroom, designated area, or be under the direct supervision of a teacher. Likewise, no student may be in the building after 2:45 p.m. unless they are under the direct supervision of Morgan Park staff.
  4. Students participating in after school activities must go to their division lockers before the activity take place to obtain any materials they may need. Students may not return to division lockers after an activity. Also students participating in after school activities must obtain an activity card from their club or team sponsor.
  5. No students are permitted to remain in any area of the building unless under the direct supervision of a teacher. Students in willful violation of this regulation are subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Smoking or the possession of lighted smoking materials is forbidden on school property or at any school activity. Likewise, the use, possession, or exchange of drugs or alcohol is forbidden.
  7. Profane language or obscene literature is strictly forbidden.
  8. Nothing may be sold at Morgan Park without the written permission of the principal.
  9. Food and drink are to be consumed in the lunchroom area only or in a space designated as an eating area. Students are expected to help keep the school and community clean by placing litter in the appropriate waste receptacles.
  10. Teacher authorization is required for the use of electronic devices needed to complete class assignments. Otherwise electronics will be confiscated and returned to parents on the designated pick up days. (See the Cellular Telephone policy.) At the end of the school year, all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.
  11. Throwing snowballs, water balloons, etc. on school property is strictly forbidden. Ball throwing, field hockey, skating, hurling or kicking of any objects, skateboarding, bicycling and all similar activities are prohibited between the north and south buildings.
  12. Students may park in the student parking lot only. Students who park in the faculty parking lot may face disciplinary action or be towed. The Student Parking Lot will only be open during designated hours.


The personal safety of each Morgan Park student is of utmost concern. To help assure the personal safety of themselves and others, students are expected to abide by the following safety guidelines:
  • Entry to the school buildings may be gained between the North and South buildings. Entry through any other doorways by students or visitors is strictly forbidden.
  • All visitors must obtain a visitor’s pass at the main entrance of the old/new buildings.
  • The fire alarm is a warning device intended to save lives, minimize injuries, and reduce property damage. Students are expected to follow the directions of the teachers and the outlined procedures for building evacuation. Furthermore, the sounding of a false alarm on the street or in a public building is a criminal act and is subject to prosecution.
  • Student parking is restricted to designated student parking areas during specified times. The student vehicles parked in staff designated areas will be ticketed and towed.
  • Drivers delivering students to school or picking them up should do so in the designated drop off areas on Monterey Avenue or on the northwest corner of the school building. Drop off in the staff parking lot is prohibited.


Morgan Park High School has established a closed campus policy for all students. Students are required to stay on campus grounds during lunch periods; any students who leave campus without permission will face disciplinary action.

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  • Every child has a right to a free and appropriate education. In order to exercise that right, the child and parent are responsible for the child’s attendance.
  • Article 26 of the Illinois School Code outlines responsibilities related to the Compulsory Attendance Law. All children between the ages of 7 and 16 must be in regular attendance in an accredited school unless exempted by a physician’s certificate that indicates that the child is physically or mentally unable to attend.
  • While Article 26 indicates the age limits of compulsory attendance, the Chicago Public Schools require the regular attendance of all students enrolled, regardless of age.
  • All absences are recorded in IMPACT. One missed class is equal to ½ day attendance. Two or more unexcused missed classes are equal to one full day absent.
  • Class teachers maintain records of attendance in class.
  • All students coming to the Attendance Office during a class period must have a pass completely filled out (for that period) by a staff member.
  • Services of the Attendance Office are not available without the presentation of a valid I.D.

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School absence and readmission
  • Upon return to school after an absence, the student must bring a note signed by a parent or guardian to the attendance office giving the dates of absence and the reason. The student will then receive a reinstatement. Absences for illness that extend five days or more must be explained by a doctor’s note. The note must be presented to the attendance office on the student’s first day back in school. Notes will only be accepted within a two week period following the absence.
  • Parental contact will be attempted by phone for all absences that have not been explained. Division teachers will make the initial attempt to contact parents. The Attendance Office will investigate all illegal absences and any excessive absences that have detrimental effects on school progress.
  • Teachers are encouraged to contact parents at any time to establish rapport or for further understanding of student problems, but this does not supersede responsibility to report absences on a daily basis.
  • Valid Causes for Absences are:
    Illness, observance of a religious holiday, death in the immediate family, family emergency, and reasonable concern to the parent or legal guardian for the safety or health of the student, as determined by the principal, or principal’s designee.

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Students who fail to comply with school policies regarding attendance may subject themselves and families to the Truancy Adjudication procedures set forth by the Chicago Board of Education. Disciplinary actions will include parent and student conferences, detentions, in and out of school suspensions, automated phone calls before and after school and/or may impact student enrollment in school. Students who demonstrate a disregard for these polices may forfeit participation in any or all extracurricular or school sponsored events. These exclusions may include, but are not limited to, field trips, sports, clubs, and participation at graduation.

10 tardies to school or class
No field trips, sports, lunch in the cafeteria, or school sponsored events

20 tardies to school or classM
Activities listed above; No senior activities (Luncheon, Prom, etc.)

30 tardies to school or class
Activities listed above; No opportunity to participate in graduation ceremony
Class cuts have more severe penalties. Information will be distributed at a later date.

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All students should factor in an additional twenty minutes for travel time to school. This is to ensure that students have time to clear the X-Ray machine, metal detector search, and visit their locker. Excessive tardiness is a violation of the Chicago Board of Education’s Student Code of Conduct and may result in a loss of privileges such as senior activities and extra-curricular activities.

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Hall Sweeps will be conducted to ensure students arrive to class on time throughout the day. Students who are caught in hall sweeps will serve lunch detentions the following day. This procedure will serve in lieu of early morning detentions. The procedure is as follows:
  • Hall Sweeps will be conducted on a consistent basis.
  • Teachers will close their doors immediately after the tardy bell rings. (There will be no countdown).
  • Students will be swept directly to the auditorium’s first floor.
  • Students’ I.D.s will be taken and replaced with a lunch detention I.D., and students will be issued a pass to class. Students will not be admitted to class without a "sweep tardy pass." This pass will indicate the time in which it was issued.

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The Attendance Office will determine when Transportation Delays are issued. Students taking yellow school buses must provide identification and report to the main office for a school bus delay when arriving late. Students should not be marked tardy if they have obtained a bus delay.

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  • To obtain an Early Dismissal, students must have a pass from the scheduled class or division teacher to the Attendance Office. A pass is not needed during the student’s regular lunch period.
  • If a student is ill, she may be excused by the class teacher to seek help in the Attendance Office. However, no medicines of any kind may be dispensed by school personnel. If an early dismissal is needed, a parent or parent’s designee must pick up the student.
  • A parent or parent’s designee must sign out all students.
  • I.D. is required and the designee must be listed on the student’s emergency form.

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School Business Excusals are issued only at the request of the Principal (or his designee). These are requested when the school requires the student to be somewhere other than in class. For all other requests for excusals from class, prior permission of the class teacher must be obtained at least 48 hours in advance of a field trip and/or excusal from class request form.

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All students report to their assigned classes at all times. If a class teacher is absent, there will be a substitute in the room. Students are to report to their regular classroom and remain with the substitute the entire period. Students must sign the attendance sheet provided by the substitute. In those instances where there is no substitute, a sign will be posted by the administration on the classroom door indicating where the students are to go. Students are usually directed to the auditorium. In these instances, it is also imperative that students sign the attendance sheet and remain for the entire period.

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To promote the welfare and security of the student body, each student must wear a valid MPHS I.D. on a lanyard or chain, or it may be clipped to the upper left shoulder area of outer clothing. The I.D. picture must be visible at all times. Anyone not in compliance with the above requirement is considered to be trespassing. These students will be sent immediately to the Attendance Office for a temporary I.D. at the cost of $2.00.
  • Temporary I.D.’s are dated and good for one day only and serve as a pass to return to class.
  • The cost to replace a permanent I.D. is $5.00.
  • The cost for a replacement chain is 25¢.
  • I.D. pictures are taken in the Attendance Office. Students who have had program changes will be given a new I.D. which reflects program changes once the old I.D. is turned in.
  • Parents of students who have amassed an Attendance Office debt exceeding $30.00 will be contacted. Failure to pay debts may prevent students from participating in extra curricular activities.

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  • Students who bring their lunches may eat them in the lunchroom without any obligation to purchase anything. They may purchase milk, juice drinks, dessert, etc. if they desire. Complete lunches are also available. Students are reminded not to bring glass bottles to school.
  • Students who wish to use the library during lunch must go into the library during the first twenty five minutes of their lunch period.
  • Students should use the facilities in the corridor outside the lunchroom (drinking fountains, washrooms, vending machines, telephones) in the first twenty minutes of their lunch period.
  • No food or drink may be taken outside the lunchroom.
  • Dishes and bottles should be carried to the proper places; paper bags, bottle caps, etc. should be placed in trash containers. Keep the tables and floors clean and tidy.
  • Students must show their I.D. to gain access to lunchroom facilities. Once I.D. pictures are taken, only picture I.D.s will be valid in the lunchroom.

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No materials may be displayed in the corridors unless authorization is given by an Assistant Principal who will initial each item to be displayed. This authorization indicates an honor agreement that the materials initialed will only be displayed in designated areas. It also indicates agreement that those who put up the materials will take them down when they are outdated.

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  1. Students are allowed four minutes to travel between their classes.
  2. There is to be no congregating in the halls.
  3. There is to be no yelling or running in the halls.
  4. No students may walk through the halls during class periods without an All Purpose or Teacher’s Pass and his/her I.D. Staff members are posted throughout the halls and will send students without passes back to their classrooms.
  5. Students are not allowed to go to their lockers during class periods.
  6. Halls and school grounds are to be vacated within five minutes of the end of the student’s last class period.
  7. Students are not to carry cups, open cans or bottles containing beverages in the hallways.

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  1. The Dean’s Office is in charge of Division locker assignments. The Deans should be consulted regarding problems with lockers that the division teacher cannot solve.
  2. Only Morgan Park locks may be used on lockers. They are sold in the Main Office at school. A combination lock costs $5.00. An old Morgan Park lock owned by a brother or sister may also be used.
  3. Students may have only one locker assigned to them by their division teacher.
  4. Boys may not share lockers with girls. Students should not share their combinations with anyone other than their locker partner as this increases the chance of lost or stolen items.
  5. Combination locks should be carefully locked and the dial turned at least on full turn. Combinations should be known only by the assigned occupants of the locker.
  6. Do not leave anything in an unlocked locker. The school is not responsible for any items missing from lockers.
  7. Athletic lockers are to be used ONLY during the time the activity takes place. Gym lockers should also be secured with a lock during gym period and removed at the end of class.
  8. Students are to report thefts from lockers to the Deans’ Office immediately. Students are encouraged to report any person tampering with any locker other than their own.
  9. All locks and personal items MUST BE REMOVED from lockers during the designated day at the end of the school year.
  10. With regard to locker searches, the Illinois Office of Education has advised: "A student’s school locker is the property of the school and must be used for the purposes intended—a storage area for books, school supplies, and outdoor garments. If school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the student has placed illegal or dangerous materials or substances in the locker, school officials may then search the locker, with or without the student’s knowledge or consent. In brief, students should not keep anything in their lockers that they would not want anyone to find."

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  1. The library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Students are permitted to use the library before school, after school and during their lunch period.
  2. Student I.D.’s are retained at the front desk upon entering the library media center and are returned at the end of the period.
  3. The library is a place for quiet study. Students using the library are subject to all library procedures and general rules.
  4. Books are loaned for a two week period; renewals are permitted if materials are not in demand. Overnight books, magazines, and pamphlets must be returned the following day.
  5. Students may print or copy materials for ten cents a copy.
  6. Students using the library media center during their lunch period must enter during the first 15 minutes of the period and remain in the library until the end of that period.
  7. No food or drink is allowed in the library media center and all students are subject to all school rules and procedures.

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A continuous blast of the fire horn indicates a FIRE ALARM.

As soon as the fire horn sounds, everyone (staff and students) must evacuate the building by the nearest available exit and remain outside until the all clear sounds. Teachers will lead their students to a designated area, and students must remain with their teacher.

In some instances, such as when drills are held during inclement weather, directions for obtaining coats will be given over the P.A. system.

A long, continuous ring on the regular bell system indicates an all clear, and all groups are to return by the same route they left their classrooms. They are to return to the classrooms they left regardless of the time unless otherwise directed by the administration.

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Follow Emergency Warning Instructions.

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There are many things involved in education besides the basic subjects. Among these are programs, services, and student activities for which boards of education cannot supply funds. It is for this reason that schools collect student fees, which spread the costs among the students.

We at EMPEHI offer many programs and activities that enrich the academic, social and cultural experiences of our students. As with all other schools, we must raise the money for these programs and activities through student fees. Although we have an extensive program, we have been able to hold these fees to a minimum in spite of spiraling costs. At this time, the fees will be distributed as follows:


 $10.00 EMPHI News,

 $20.00 Student Grade Reports to Parents

 $10.00 Student Programming, counseling materials

$ 7.00  Publicity and public relations activities

$15.00 Activities supervision, IDs

$10.00 Extracurricular Activities (principal’s discretion)

$45.00 Yearbook

$16.00 Technology Expenses

$17.00 Postage

This fee schedule has been discussed with and approved by the Local SchoolCouncil, which represents parents, teachers, community members and students.

No student will be denied access to activities or services and no penalties will be imposed against a student because his/her parent is unable to pay a fee. If students are unable to pay a fee, parents must contact the Principal who will provide you with an application form for waiver of payment of fees and the definition of eligibility for waiver. Failure to pay a fee will be excused only if the application for waiver of fees is granted. Students who receive a fee waiver will not be given a yearbook. He/She must pay for a yearbook. The deadline for fee waivers is October 15 of the year in which a student is applying for the fee waiver. A family cannot apply for fee waiver after the deadline or for previous years. If all school fees and fines are not paid a student will not be allowed to attend Prom or Graduation. There will be no exceptions.

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There are certain activities, programs and classes which require specific items not provided by the Board of Education such as science, art, music, physical education, graduation, field trips, etc. Students and parents will be notified of the expense involved in such cases.

Students may be barred from extracurricular activities until all financial obligations have been met.

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By state statute and Board of Education directive, all students of all ages in all Chicago Public Schools must have an official record of immunizations to enter school in August/September. The immunizations required are: DTP/TD (Tetanus Diphtheria) series, Polio series, two regular Measles immunizations, one Rubella, one Mumps immunization, and the Hepatitis B series. Girls ten years of age and over are not required to receive Rubella.

Students entering 9th grade as well as all new students must also have an updated physical examination to be admitted to school. Free immunizations and low cost physical exams are available at the Board of Health. Questions regarding clinics can be answered by the Chicago Department of Health at 312-747-9884. Students may be required to have additional physical examinations during the school years if deemed necessary.

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If students know a gang crime or other crime has been committed, notify the Dean of Students or call 911. If students are threatened or gang recruitment is attempted or suspicious activity is seen, notify the Deans of Students or call 535-5990, Chicago Public Schools Gang Hot Line.

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The Board of Education is the appointed governing body of the Chicago Public Schools and is responsible for establishing the policies under which the schools operate. Through the School Code of Illinois, the Rules of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago, and negotiated agreements with employee groups, the basic policy that firm discipline shall be maintained in all Chicago Public Schools is implemented. Through the Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Education holds members of the instructional staff responsible for the control of students while they are under the supervision of the school.

It is the policy of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago not to discriminate in educational programs or employment policies and practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in educational programs or employment policies and practices. The MPHS Discipline Policy falls within the guidelines set by the Student Code of Conduct.

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The Deans’ Office and the Attendance Office staff members follow the Student Code of Conduct when addressing discipline and attendance issues. The deans have discretion when issuing minimum and maximum consequences for offenses. The principal has the final decision when removing students from extracurricular activities for violations involving behavior and attendance. Additionally, the principal may decide to withhold prom or graduation privileges if a student has violated any of the Student Code of Conduct offenses (Groups 4, 5, or 6) or other offenses. Students may retrieve homework assignments from the school’s website, morganparkcps.org. Students who are found to possess illegal drugs, firearms, or other dangerous weapons, or those who commit acts of misconduct which seriously disrupt the orderly educational process will be suspended immediately and face possible expulsion.

  • Cellular Telephones/Pagers
    Pagers and cellular phones are not permitted at the school unless a formal request is made and the principal grants approval. The principal may authorize a student to possess a pager or cellular telephone for medical emergencies. Unauthorized possession or activation of pagers/cellular telephones will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Chicago Public Schools Student Code of Conduct.

    Cell phones should not be activated during school hours. Confiscated cell phones and other electronic devices will be returned only to the parent or guardian on the school’s designated days to return these items. The designated distribution day is Monday. The hours of retrieval are 8:00 to 2:00 pm. If school is closed on Monday due to a holiday, the following Tuesday will be the date of distribution. Phones confiscated on a Monday will not be retrievable until the following Monday to allow time for processing. Repeated offenses may result in more progressive disciplinary actions. Failure to surrender phone/electronic device or meet conference requirements may result in student suspension and student exclusion from participation in extra-curricular activities.

  • Smart Program
    A Saturday Morning Reach Out and Teach Program (SMART) has been established to provide students with character building and conflict resolution skills as well as prevention, intervention, referral, and support services for remediation of alcohol or drug related problems and general misconduct. Students can be referred to this program if they have excessive days of suspension or frequent misconduct violations. The Law Department of the Board of Education will determine all referrals to the SMART Program.

  • Disposition of Misconducts
    When students are sent to the Deans’ Office, they must have a written explanation and/or be accompanied by security personnel. The student should remain in the Deans’ Office until the end of the designated class period. Once the Deans’ Office receives notification of the offense on a misconduct report, the parent will be contacted. During the parent conference, the Dean will determine the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct (SCC). All misconduct reports must be submitted to the Deans’ Office within a twenty four hour period of the incident.

    School officials may suspend students with disabilities and cease educational services for up to 10 consecutive or 10 cumulative school days in one school year without providing special education procedural safeguards.

    Students’ rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Copies of the Student Code of Conduct are distributed each year to every student. The SCC is applicable 24/7.
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