Course Selections
During February and March of each school year, students and parents are involved in the process of selecting subjects and planning for the following year.  After the student schedules are finalized, the student, parent and counselor will sign to verify the course selections. The 2017-18 Curriculum Guide will assist students and parents as they consider the options available at Morgan Park. 


The sequence of classes that students follow depends on the specific program they are enrolled in: Academic Center, International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) Cohort, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP), World Language and International Studies (WLIS), and Wall-to-Wall IBMYP Career Prep.  These courses of study are listed on pp. 58-61 of the Curriculum Guide.

All students should make a plan with their counselor for their four year course of study using the requirements for their program. Currently, every student at Morgan Park will be scheduled for seven classes per semester, or 300 minutes of instructional time, and lunch.


Written requests for schedule changes for the fall semester are accepted in the Counseling Office until June 16. Requests for changes must be made to the student's counselor by a parent in writing, via email or letter. Before the counselor submits changes to the programmer, a parent-teacher-student conference or parent-administrator conference should occur if the request is not related to a programming error. 300 minutes of instructional time is the minimum requirement for all student programs (seven 50-minute periods). Any schedule changes after the first marking period may jeopardize credit and class rank.


Students who wish to register for any classes off campus (Youth Ministry, Evening School, St. Xavier, Olive Harvey CCC, etc.) must see their counselor to obtain a permission slip. A student who registers without counselor approval may not be awarded credit for a course taken. A school administrator must give final approval.