Service Learning


Service Learning Forms

       The majority of students will have a chance to complete one or two classroom-based service learning projects within English and/or a social science class.   Students are encouraged to take advantage of classroom-based opportunities instead of independent projects. 

If a student decides to complete an independent service opportunity, he/she must receive approval (from the service learning coach) before beginning the project and complete the appropriate forms.  The forms are:

§  Pre-Service Preparation 

The Pre-Service Preparation form will help students to identify their service goals and responsibilities.  

§  Service Learning Agreement 

This form serves as a permission slip. It ensures that all involved partners, the service organization, the student and his/her parent/guardian, agree on the terms of the service project.  Complete this form prior to beginning the service project. 

§  Service Time Sheet (STS)

This form is used to keep track of the student’s time.

§  Post-Service Reflection (PSR)

PSR form is completed at the end of the project and returned to the Service-Learning coach.




1.     Complete the Pre-Service Preparation (PSP) and Service Learning Agreement (SLA) forms first.

2.     Meet with the service learning coach to review the PSP and SLA forms and receive approval for project.

3.     After receiving approval, and submitting PSP and SLA, students may begin to complete their projects. Students, be sure to record time each visit and receive signature of supervisor.

4.     Return STS and PSR forms to service learning coach.

5.     The SL coach will sign and date appropriate forms and enter project information.


       See Ms. Gipson, in room 237 to receive pre-approval and to submit completed forms.  Blank forms are attached to this document, available in the counseling office and in a folder located on the door of room 237.